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Club History


The precursor of what is now the Worthies Sports and Social Club (WSSC) was founded in 1920 as an Old Comrades Club by a group of ex-serviceman who met at the home of Mr T E Blake in Kings Worthy. In 1928, an ex-army barracks hut was purchased and erected in Legion Lane. A licence was granted to sell beer and spirits and the Club, known as The Worthies Social Club, was affiliated as a Class A member of the British Legion.


After the Second World War, the members found they were somewhat restricted by the rules of this organisation and during a meeting at the Springvale Hotel (now the King Charles Pub) in 1948 between George Sweetenham, Doug Wren and Bob Maskell, the foundations for the Worthies Sports and Athletics Club were formed. By the start of the 1949 season, there were enough players to form a football team and join the Winchester and District League under that name.  A committee was formed with George Sweetenham, Doug Wren, Bob (Laddie) Maskell, George Harris, Roger Sherring and Bill Iddison as Secretary.  Players were signed on, including some from the Navy such as Sharples, McIntyre, Tug Wilson and Ray Evans to name a few. Both Laddie and Berni Maskell along with Fred Mathews in goal signed from Micheldever with Ted Harris and Ted Iddiols signing from Sutton Scotney.  Laddie Maskell at centre forward, with the help of Sharples and McIntyre, scored 60 goals in the first season of entering the league.


During the course of the season, Derek Sweetenham, our current President, and Arthur Butcher progressed from the youth team, then run by George Harris, to play in the first team. In the early 1950s, Bill Parker, who had finished playing, was now running the first team with Walter Lake in charge of the second team.


The team were having a good run in the various cups but struggled in the league. They were rewarded with a win in the semi-finals of the Northbrook Cup and went to Airlie Road in Stanmore, Winchester City’s ground, to play the final against King Alfred Old Boys. After a hard fought game, the Worthies ran out winners 2-1.  George Frampton, who was the President of Worthies Sports and Athletic Club, drove an open top coach through Winchester with the team at the top of the coach showing off the Cup. The celebrations ended in the evening at the Eagle Hotel. A dinner and a celebration at the Jubilee Hall a few weeks later ended the season with officers from Winchester and District Football League in attendance.


A cricket team was formed at the start of the 1952 season. Playing in the first match were names such as Amey, Guppy, Lawrence, Maskell and Wren. A few games were played at Worthy Down, but others at away grounds until a cricket square was prepared and ready to use in August 1972 on Eversley Park.


In 1964, due to the growing success and expansion of the Worthies Sports and Athletic Club and with no real place to call home, talks were held with The Worthies Social Club which had premises at the top of Legion Lane. It was proposed that the two clubs should amalgamate and meetings subsequently took place between Derek Sweetenham and Bill Iddeson, President and Secretary of the Worthies Sports and Athletics Club, and Peter Hillary and Les Steele, Chairman and Treasurer of the Worthies Social Club. Sadly, after one of these meetings, Bill Iddeson passed away and never saw the final picture and the wonderful times to come. These meetings proved fruitful, the two clubs amalgamated and the Worthies Sports and Social Club was born in 1967 using the premises at the top of Legion Lane. The bar at that time was ably managed by Bett and Geoff Kemp.


The Club was a great success with indoor sports sections such as darts, bar billiards, snooker and table tennis becoming ever more popular. It was soon clear that new premises were needed to cope with the increasing number of people who wished to join this new exciting Club!


The Club now had premises and a football pitch, thanks to the Parish Council, but no facilities for cricket.  


A piece of land in the corner of Eversley Park, was owned by Mrs Hunter-Fell who lived in Hinton House. She was very fond of cricket and agreed to sell the piece of land for £400. George Frampton, who was now the President, Peter Hillary as Chairman, Gareth James as Secretary and Les Steele as Treasurer formed the Worthies Supporters Club in 1969 to raise money for new facilities. The piece of land was in a state of disrepair and after being purchased, it was worked on to bring it up to recreation ground standards. With the expanding facilities and sections, new premises were needed. There was also increasing pressure from the residents of Legion Lane as the Club had become very popular, and as a consequence there was a significant increase of traffic. With the backing of the Parish Council and John Taylor (who at the time was the Chairman of the Recreation Ground Committee), a deed of exchange was drawn up and the Club swapped the piece of land in the corner of the recreation ground for the land where the Club premises currently stand. This was ideal as it had an entrance off Lovedon Lane. Two members, Bob Pink and George Kempster dug out the land ready for the Reema style building to be put in place in 1971. This was at a cost of £30,000. The members were invaluable in volunteering to re-site the football pitch and lay the cricket square as well as using their knowledge of plumbing, electrics and general handiwork. In order to prepare the cricket square, all the turf was removed by a machine and moved by some members one weekend, levelled out, then the members re-laid each turf the following weekend!


The Club celebrated the opening of the new building with an Inaugural Celebration Dinner on December 23rd 1971, and this was the first official function held in their new premises. By this time, the WSSC had 1800 members and as such, a waiting list and membership was restricted to Kings Worthy, Headbourne Worthy, Worthy Down, Abbots Worthy, Martyr Worthy, South Wonston and Easton. There were 14 sections attached to the WSSC including football, darts, cricket, snooker, golf, canoeing, whist and a crib team to name a few.


In the 1970s and 1980s Kings Worthy had a reputation for being one of the best cricket venues in Hampshire. Hampshire County cricketers regularly visited to play the President’s XI. Among them were West Indies Vice-Captain Malcolm Marshall, whose benefit match in August 1987 was watched by nearly 1000 spectators, when the captain of the President’s XI was Bob Stephenson the former Hampshire County captain. Other county players included Gordon Grenidge, Mark Nicholas and Tim Tremlett. Trevor Jesty and Barry Richards who also had their benefit matches in Kings Worthy. The Club had great connections with football too, with Pompey ex-professionals regularly playing WSSC including Ian Henderson, Ian St John, Jackie Henderson, Bobby Stokes, Jack Froggatt and Jimmy Dickinson. Dickie Davies, the TV broadcaster and presenter of World of Sport, also made an appearance to present the trophies. In 1975, a match was even arranged between the Worthies team and a ship’s team from a Russian cruise liner docked in Southampton!


The Club continued to thrive and the 1980s was the decade that saw significant change when the interior of the club building was completely refurbished, the stage moved to where it currently stands and the ceiling lowered.



The Club today is still thriving with currently 671 members and new members joining every month.  There are still darts, football, snooker, pool and also Nuts Poker league played every week. Thanks to the current committee and our members, in the last few years we have added a Comfy Corner, refurbished the lounge, refurbished the snooker room, added a kids’ room and beer garden and most recently refurbished the bar which had been in situ since the mid-1980s. These new facilities have resulted in a venue which is constantly proving to be a popular choice for celebratory parties, wedding receptions, and a meeting place for many organisations such as the Scouts group, Growmore Club, Motorcycle Club, Wonston and Worthy’s Camera Club, local football presentation evenings, Royal Airforce Association Hampshire Region, Super League Darts and most recently the regrouped British Legion. The Club is also a major venue for events during the bi-annual Worthy’s Festival which include the Village Quiz night and a Beer Festival.


Club Rules and By-Laws as at the 18 November 2021: 




Worthies Sports and Social (WSSC) Club Rules


Reviewed on the 12th December 2015 by the Club Chairman


Order of Responsibility of the WSSC


The President is the Head of the Club, and the Vice-Presidents support him and are available for advice from any member.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial well-being of the Club and is consulted on all matters financial and the Assistant Treasurer works under his direction and deputises in his absence.


The Hon Secretary is responsible for the administration of the Club and the Licence is held in his name, he works with the Treasurer and receives instructions from the officers of the Club and the members of the committee and acts on Committee decisions. He is solely responsible in giving instructions to employees of the Club and to ensure that the Committee see that Club rules are complied with.


The Assistant Secretary works under the direction of the Hon Secretary and carries out the Secretary’s duties in the Secretary’s absence. The Assistant Secretary also holds the position of Membership Secretary and is responsible for the Membership Committee.


The Chairman is the official spokesman of the Club and represents the Club at all functions, takes the chair at the Annual General Meeting and chairs the Executive Meetings, he has the casting vote in a tied decision.


The Vice-Chairman fulfils the role as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman also serves on the Membership Committee and welcomes new members to the Club and explains the main rules of the Club.


The Finance Committee consists of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, The Hon Secretary, The Hon Treasurer, The Assistant Secretary, The Assistant Treasurer and any such member as may be deemed necessary.

Representatives of all sections are answerable to the Officers and members of the Executive Committee.


WSSC Club Rules: 


1. Name


The Club shall be called the Worthies Sports and Social Club and its Registered Office, The Worthies Sports and Social Club, Loader Close, Lovedon Lane, Kings Worthy, Hampshire, SO23 7NJ.


2. Objects


The objects of the Club shall be to provide the means of social, sporting and other activities, and to make, through its members, an active contribution to the well-being and development of the community of which it is part.




3. Membership


(i) Admission

Candidates for admission must be nominated and seconded by paid-up full members of the Club and complete an application for admission on the printed form accompanied by the relevant entrance fee, calculated as a proportion of the remaining subscription fee based on the time remaining between the application date and the following 1st October. Any candidate who has been a member of the club at any time in the past twelve months will have to pay an entrance fee of the full subscription fee irrespective of the date of application. The names and addresses of prospective members shall be displayed on the Club notice board for at least seven days before being submitted to the Executive Committee for election of the candidate. The Executive Committee shall have the power to refuse any application, without explanation.


(ii) Classes of Membership


(a) Ordinary Members.

Candidates for admission as Ordinary Members must be over the age of eighteen and shall be eligible on election to all the rights and privileges of membership.


(b) Senior Citizens.

Candidates for admission as Senior Citizens must have reached the age of sixty years old at the commencement of the membership year and shall be eligible on election to all the rights and privileges of membership.


(c) Minors.

Minors are individuals under the age of eighteen. Minors are only allowed in the club when accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a member of the club. Minors are not allowed to purchase or consume alcohol and will be expelled if found to be doing so. Minors are not allowed to take part in any gaming activity where there is a cash prize or equivalent. Minors are not allowed to sign in guests, attend any club meetings and have no voting rights.


(d) Temporary Members.

A member of a team, or a relative or partner of a member of a team, visiting the club or adjacent pitches in connection with any sporting fixture or match or local competition may become a temporary member for the duration of the aforementioned visit, subject to the team being on an approved list of teams agreed by the Executive Committee, and a relevant contact whose name, address and contact telephone number is held on the approved list being present for the visit. Persons specially invited to the club by a member of the Executive Committee to visit the club, for whatever reason, and persons engaged by the club for any sporting, social or entertainment reason may also become temporary members for the duration of such visit or engagement, subject to the Executive Committee having their name, address and contact telephone number prior to the visit. Temporary members shall have all the rights and privileges of membership and be subject to the same rules and by-laws as other members, except that they shall not attend or vote at any meeting of the Club, or introduce visitors.






(e) Life Members.


The Committee may in their discretion propose to an Annual General Meeting the election to Life Membership of any member who has rendered special service to the Club, or is deserving of the distinction by virtue of long and active membership. Life Members shall not be liable to pay subscriptions but shall have all the rights and privileges attaching to Ordinary Membership. A certificate of Life Membership shall be signed by the President, Chairman and Secretary of the Club and issued to each Life Member.


(iii) Cessation of Membership.


Membership shall cease:


(a) By resignation notified to the Secretary.

(b) In default of the payment of subscriptions as provided for in Rule 4.

(c) By expulsion in accordance with these Rules.


(iv) Nominal Roll


The Committee shall maintain at the Club a Roll of Members names and addresses, sub-divided into the classes of membership detailed in this Rule. Every Member shall, within 14 days, give notice to the Secretary of any change of address.


(v) Limitation of Membership.


The Executive Committee shall have the power to limit the number of members within any class of membership by determining a total not to be exceeded in that Financial Year. Additionally, the Committee may resolve to restrict admission by defining the catchment area from which applications may be accepted.


4. Subscriptions


The subscription of members shall be as determined from time to time by an Annual or Special General Meeting, payable on the day of submitted application for membership and thereafter annually on 1st October. Any member who has not paid their subscription by 31st October shall forfeit the privileges of membership, including the right to make use of the Club.











5. Officers


The Club shall have the following officers:


  • Three Trustees
  • President
  • Up to 3 Vice-Presidents
  • Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer.


In addition an Annual General Meeting may appoint an Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

The Trustees shall be appointed only at a General Meeting by a resolution of a majority of the members present and shall remain in office during the pleasure of the Club.


The President shall be appointed only at a General Meeting, by a resolution of a majority of the members present, and shall remain in office during the pleasure of the Club. The Vice- Presidents,


Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall retire annually.


Retiring officers shall be eligible for re-election. The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any office falling vacant between Annual General Meetings, with the exception of the offices of President and Trustee.


6. Management


(i) Executive Committee.


The affairs of the Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee, consisting of the following:


  • The President
  • Vice-Presidents
  • The Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Honorary Assistant Secretary (if appointed)
  • Honorary Assistant Treasurer (if appointed)
  • 14 members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting





The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be elected from among Committee Members at the first meeting of the Executive Committee after the Annual General Meeting. Seven members present at a meeting of the Executive Committee, shall constitute a quorum.


(ii) Sub-Committees.


The Executive Committee shall appoint a Finance Sub-Committee consisting of the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer, the Assistant Secretary (if appointed), the Assistant Treasurer (if appointed) and such other members as may be deemed necessary. The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees for specific purposes. The President, Chairman and the Honorary General Secretary shall be ex-officio members of all sub-committees, and the Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt Club members other than members of the Executive Committees to such sub-committees.


7. Finance


(i) Financial Year.

The Financial Year of the Club shall end on 30th September and an audited Statement of Accounts up to and including this date shall be published annually.


(ii) Bank Account.

The funds of the Club shall be lodged at a Bank or in an approved Local Authority investment scheme approved by the Executive Committee and all the cheques drawn on the account shall be signed by the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.


(iii) Expenditure.

All expenditure, other than petty cash, shall be passed by the Executive Committee before payment. The level of the petty cash shall be as determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.


(iv) Honoraria.

The Executive Committee may submit to the Annual General Meeting resolutions for the granting of honoraria to such officers and other members as they consider fit.


(v) Paid Appointments.

The Executive Committee shall have power to appoint or dismiss such employees as it deems necessary for the proper conduct of the Club and to fix the remuneration of such employees.


(vi) Liability of Trustees.

All the property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees, representing and acting for the whole of the members of the Club. No personal liability shall attach to any Trustee, except to the extent of such funds of the Club as may actually be received by him or her.


(vii) Guarantee for Performance of Duties.

Every officer dealing with Club moneys shall be insured with a recognised guarantee society for the due performance of his duties in such sum as the Executive Committee may determine.



8. Meetings


(i) Annual General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held within 14 days of the 30th November each year, the date to be fixed by the Committee. Twenty-eight days' notice of such a meeting shall be posted in the Club and an agenda of the business to be conducted shall be similarly posted not less than ten days before the meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be:


  • The Election of Officers and Executive Committee members.
  • Nomination for the election of officers and members of the committee shall be given to the Honorary Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
  • To receive reports on year's activities.
  • To receive a Statement of Accounts and Balance Sheets, and the report of the Auditor for the previous 12 months.
  • The appointment of Auditors for the ensuing year.
  • To decide on any resolutions submitted by the Committee or by any member. Such resolutions to be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting. Any proposal submitted to the membership at the Annual General Meeting must be displayed on the Club Notice Board 14 days prior to the meeting and be in full as submitted by the proposer.


(ii) Special General Meeting.


A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary in the following cases:


(a) Upon the direction of the Committee and in accordance with such direction.


(b) On a requisition signed by one-seventh of the Ordinary Members stating the special object thereof, and accompanied by a deposit at the rate of 10p for every person signing, to be paid by one of such persons. Such meeting shall be held within not less than 14 and not more than 28 days from the date of receipt by the Secretary of the requisition. Notice of such Special General Meeting shall be posted in the Club at least 10 days prior to the date of such meeting. If by resolution of a Special General Meeting which has been called upon requisition it shall appear that in the opinion of such meeting it has been called for a frivolous purpose, the deposit shall he forfeited to the funds of the Club, or as the meeting shall direct otherwise it shall be returned to the depositor.











9. Conduct of members


(i) Admission to the Club.


No member in any class of membership shall be admitted to the Club except on production of a paid-up Membership Card. In the event of a membership card being lost, members should report the circumstances of the loss to the Secretary and may be required to pay a fee for its replacement, the level of which shall be determined by the Executive Committee. No membership card of any class is transferable. Any member contravening this rule will be liable to be dealt with under Rule 10.


(ii) Members' Children.


Family Members may bring their children into the Club, except on such occasions as the Executive Committee may, from time to time, declare as occasions for adults only. Members will be responsible for the conduct of their children while on Club premises, especially in relation to the provisions of the Licensing and Gaming Acts.


(iii) Club Premises.


No drunkenness, illegal drugs, offensive behaviour, discrimination of any sort, foul language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Club premises. Any Executive Committee member or the Steward may require any member who in their opinion contravenes this rule to leave the premises and shall report the facts in writing to the Executive Committee.


(iv) Outside the Club.


Members representing the Club in any capacity whether in an organised social party, as members of sports or games teams, or in any other way are required to behave at all times in a proper manner and not in any way likely to reflect adversely on the name of the Club.


10. Power of committee to suspend or expel

The Executive Committee shall have power to reprimand, suspend or expel any Member who infringes any section of Rule 9 or any other Rule. Any member in contravention of Rule 9 or any other rule who has been asked to leave the Club by an Officer, a Committee Member or by the Steward, or who has been so notified by the Secretary, shall be suspended until such time as he or she has been summoned to explain his or her conduct before the Disciplinary Sub- Committee and until the Sub-Committee's finding have been confirmed or otherwise by the Executive Committee at their next monthly meeting.


If in the view of the Disciplinary Sub-Committee the charges are unfounded, they may immediately lift the suspension. A decision to suspend or expel a Member shall require a resolution of the Committee, supported by a majority of the members present. A suspended Member shall forfeit all rights and privileges for the period of his or her suspension, but shall remain liable to pay his subscription during suspension, or if an official or member of the Committee, he or she shall vacate such office or seat during the period of suspension.


There shall be no appeal against suspension, but a member expelled may appeal against expulsion, such appeal shall be notified to the Secretary and will be heard by the President and Chairman of the Club and two other officials named by them. Notice of appeal shall be accompanied by a remittance of £1.00 the disposition of which shall be at the discretion of the arbitrators.


The arbitrators shall have full power to alter or rescind such expulsion and there shall be no appeal from their decision.


11. Guests.


(1) Introduction of Guests.


An Ordinary Member may personally introduce friends as their guests. No person shall be introduced more than twice in one quarter and no member may introduce more than two friends at any one time.


Members, having visitors staying with them may, on notification to the Secretary, obtain permission for his or her visitors to be introduced in excess of the above allowance. The Visitor and the Member introducing him shall sign their names in a book kept for that purpose and the Member shall pay such fee as determined from time to time by the Executive Committee. No member shall be entitled to introduce a guest to the Club during the hours when licensed premises in the locality are not open for the sale of intoxicants to the public.


The following will on no account be admitted as visitors:


(a) Former members who have been expelled.

(b) Members who are in arrears with payment of subscriptions.

(c) Persons who, having been nominated for membership, have been rejected on the grounds of unsuitability.

(d) Members who are under suspension.


Members must accompany guests introduced by them during the period of their stay in the Club and no guests shall be permitted to make any payment of any kind whatever, directly or indirectly.


(ii) Sale of Excisable Articles.


If at any time excisable articles shall be provided on the Club premises, then, should any visitor to the Club, not being a member thereof, pay for refreshments served to him, he shall at once be removed from the Club premises, and the member introducing such visitor may be expelled from membership on the fact being duly proved, and it shall be the duty of any officer or member of the Club, becoming aware of such breach of rules, to report it at once to the Secretary or Committee.








12. Hours of opening and closing the club premises


The hours of opening and closing the Club premises shall be as determined by the Executive Committee. The hours currently in force shall be displayed in the Club.


13. Permitted hours for the sale of intoxicants


The permitted hours shall be such as may from time to time be determined by the Committee in accordance with the provisions of the current Licensing Act and associated Club Premises Certificate.


14. Rules


These Rules may be amended at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Any proposed amendment or addition shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary in accordance with Rule 8 (i) in the case of an Annual General Meeting or together with the demand for a Special General Meeting in accordance with Rule 8 (ii). No alteration to the Rules shall be made unless a resolution be carried by 70% of the members present.


15. Bye-laws


The Committee shall have the power to make such bye-laws as it may consider necessary for the benefit of the Club, provided that no such bye-law shall conflict with any of the Rules. A copy of all such bye-laws shall be placed on the Club notice board.


Financial Rules:







(1) Tenders, Contracts and Orders.

(a) Only the Executive Committee is empowered to enter into contracts for the employment of staff and the provision of goods and services. The Hon Secretary will make any contractual arrangements, in writing, after ratification by the Executive Committee.

(b) Those responsible (including groups, sections and sub-Committees) for allocating funds will maximise value for money and should ensure that the best economies are gained from a given outlay.

(c) Where a contract for the supply of goods and services is required (usually for a single or annual value of more than £999), at least three competitive tenders must be invited. Where a provider is a member of the Club, that interest must be declared in advance. All tenders to be submitted in writing to the Hon Secretary.

(d) The House, Bar and Catering Committee will approve all contracts of employment, carefully complying with current employment legislation. All offers of employment will be made in writing by the Hon Secretary on the basis of the job specification approved by the Executive Committee. All offers and acceptance of employment will be reported to the Executive Committee for ratification.

(e) No individual, group or section may incur expenditure in the Club's name until the Executive Committee have given their prior written approval. Any budget set for an individual or sub-Committee or Section should not be exceeded without the prior written approval of the Executive Committee which will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

(f) In an emergency, expenditure may be committed with the approval of the Hon Treasurer and/or Hon Secretary and one other Officer, such express action being reported to the Executive Committee members at the earliest opportunity.

(g) All orders for the supply of goods and services, whether subject to tendering or not, shall be given by a written order or instruction in triplicate. Copies will be distributed to: (1) The Provider, (2) The Hon Secretary requisitioning the goods or services, (3) The Hon Treasurer.

(h) All invoices will be reported by the Hon Treasurer to the monthly meeting of the Executive Committee for approval of payment. He/she will be responsible for paying all invoices and accounts. The person issuing an order must first certify on the invoice that goods have been received or services performed.

(2) Safeguarding of cash (including cheques and other negotiables):

(a) The Hon Treasurer is responsible for the management of the budget as approved by the executive Committee.

(b) The Steward will be responsible for accounting for all monies received as bar and catering takings ensuring that income matches the sales value of bar stocks. He/she is responsible for the safeguarding of all stocks and bar assets. He/she will be required to order and re-order stocks from suppliers with whom contractual or other arrangements exist as approved by the Committee.

(c) The Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer will establish the arrangements for regular stock checks. Additional checks must always take place at the change of Steward.

(d) Only the Executive Committee has the power to change the Club's charging policy. Bar price changes will be made solely with the approval of the Executive Committee upon the recommendation of the House Bar and Catering Committee.

(e) Only the Steward (or approved members of full or part-time staff) will be allowed to serve in the bar. In times of staff shortage, it will be the responsibility of the Hon Treasurer and/or Hon Secretary to vary these arrangements for the shortest temporary duration.

(f) No credit will be given to any member or guest.

(g) All hirings must have the prior approval of the Executive Committee after written application to the Hon Secretary.



WSSC By-Laws – Version 6.0 Dated 25th March 2024.


1. All members, guests and sponsored visitors are expected to be dressed appropriately depending on the time of the day. No headwear which could obscure a person’s face should be worn at any time, i.e. baseball caps, hoods on sweatshirts. 


2. Members’ children of all ages are permitted in the club, but parents must keep them under close personal supervision and ensure they do not interfere with the enjoyment of the Club’s facilities by other members.


3. On a limited number of occasions decided by the Committee such as New Year’s Eve and Special Cabaret Nights, admission to the club will be restricted to ticket holders only. Details of these few occasions and arrangements for the purchase of tickets will be publicised well in advance. 


4. A new game of snooker may not be started within 15 minutes of the bar closing time.


5. Minors may play/enter the snooker room if accompanied by an adult. 


6. Any person who defaces or removes notices from the Notice Board will face disciplinary action. 


7. All future Executive Committee members must be voted in by a majority of the current Executive Committee. 


8. Children may come to the bar if accompanied by a responsible adult.


9. Dogs are allowed in the Club during opening hours, but should be kept away from the bar, and must be kept on a lead at all times.


10. The back bar shutters are to be open at all times (unless a meeting is being held in the lounge), but service will continue from the main bar area. 


11. Only staff and Executive Committee members are allowed into the restricted areas of the club (i.e. behind the bar, kitchen, cellar and office areas) at any time. If a member or guest wishes to access any of these areas, they must be accompanied by a member of staff or an Executive Committee member.


12. At the discretion of the Committee, non-members may be allowed temporary access to the club when a function is on, and only for the day of the function, by entering their name into the Visitor’s book and paying a nominal fee as decided by the Committee. No individual is allowed to take advantage of this temporary access more than twice in any three-month period. Any individual serving a suspension of any kind will not be allowed temporary access. Individuals allowed in the club under this arrangement will be allowed to purchase food and drink but are subject to all the rules of the club at the time.
13. surcharge will be applied to all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks purchased by non-members of the Club. Currently, WSSC membership requests cannot be processed and as such the surcharge is applied in-lieu of fees that would have been levied against new applications. This By-Law shall remain in force from the 4th July 2021 and until such times as the Worthies Sports and Social Club (WSSC) are able to accept and process new member applications. At this time, and following Committee approval, this By-Law (14) will be rescinded. In line with Club Rule 11, Guests, (1) Introduction of Guests, an Ordinary Member may personally introduce friends as their guests. No person shall be introduced more than twice in one quarter.


14. Amendment to WSSC Club Rule 6 ‘Management’, section (1) ‘Executive Committee’ which states that seven members present at a meeting of the Executive Committee, shall constitute a quorum. Due to constraints imposed upon the Club by the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent reduction in Executive Committee members, the quorum shall be reduced from seven to five for the foreseeable future.

Although By-Law 16 contravenes WSSC Club Rule 15, it is necessary to implement this change during (and post) the extraordinary circumstances placed upon the Club by the Covid-19 pandemic. As such it has been approved by the WSSC Operations Sub-Committee (OSC) on behalf of the full Committee.


15. Bookings for functions, meetings and other events may only be made by paid up members of the WSSC. The member making the booking will be responsible for the veracity of the event and the conduct of those attending. 
16. It shall be prohibited for Members to attack the good name and reputation of the Worthies Sports and Social Club or to libel, slander or defame the good name or reputation of any serving member of the Club Executive Committee. It is further prohibited for Members to contrive to undermine or purposefully hinder the work of members of the Club Executive Committee or to act against the best interests of the Club in any form. Any such example of acts of libel, slander, defamation of character, hindrance or undermining will not be treated as a disciplinary matter as per the Club Rules but as an infringement of this by-law and as such shall result in denial of membership or access to the premises for a period of time to be determined by the Club Executive Committee. 
17. Paid up Members of the Worthies Sports and Social Club may apply to join the Clubs Executive Committee by writing to the Club Secretary. Applications must include a brief reason for wishing to join along with any skills or experience they may bring to the Committee.

Note – This is separate to the process for applications considered at AGM.

Each application shall be reviewed by Officers available to attend the next available Committee meeting and a vote taken for each candidate. Approval must be sought by all present and where this is the case, the applicant will be informed and invited to join the next Committee meeting as a new member. Where an application is unsuccessful (by one or more votes), the applicant will be informed by writing by the Secretary.

All new members of the Committee will be asked to read and sign to say they will abide by the Role Responsibilities set out for Committee Members.

18.  Paid up Members of the Worthies Sports and Social Club may apply to join the Clubs Executive Committee by nominating themselves as part of the AGM process. Their names, along with a seconder, must be added to the list of nomination posted for membership approval 21 days prior to the AGM taking place. All such nominated persons shall be approached by the Secretary to determine their reason for joining and to describe what skills and experience they may bring to the Committee. Prospective candidates will be asked to read, abide with, and agree to sign up to, the Role Responsibilities set out for Committee Members.

If approved by members present at the AGM, the new Committee Member will be invited to join the post-AGM Committee meeting whereupon the Role Responsibilities document shall be signed up to.


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